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Creating Mental Health Content

We are building WeLinQ keeping in mind that we are bringing new values to the users through our effort - we want to make mental health-related content accessible to all the users without any barrier.

This is the essence of WeLinQ - users finding content on different mental health focus areas. Our efforts are nothing without the people like yourself, who will make content. which people can trust. Therapists like you will increase their reach and impact without actively being involved and help a lot of people. This is an amazing opportunity for therapists on WeLinQ to make their presence.

Publish a course in these easy steps

Based on your focus areas, and expertise, you can choose by yourself on what topics you will be making a course. These courses are intended to be short and crisp.

A course consists of multiple lessons. Each lesson is independent and can be either a text lesson, audio lesson or video lesson based on the way you want to convey each lesson.

Watch the video on creating a course on WeLinQ

Let's jump in and see how to go about it

On the home screen, just hit the "Create New Course" button.

Give your course a name and a description

Give the course a name and describe what the course will contain and the learnings user will take after they have gone through it.

You can start thinking of courses and lessons on these topics

  • Anxiety management

  • Things before starting a therapy

  • Young Parents

  • Manage Conflicts

  • When to start therapy

  • Marriage with Kids

Add lessons to your course

On the next screen, you can start adding lessons.

On clicking the add lesson button as shown - choose what type of lesson you want to create.

Audio Lesson: Upload your recorded audio-only content - much like a podcast.

Video Lesson: Upload your recorded video content - this can be a self-recorded video or an existing video which you think can be useful for users.

Text Lesson: This is very similar to blogs or an excerpt. You can also add images of different concepts in between the texts.

Start creating content

Publish Course

Once you are satisfied with the number of lessons and the content in the course - hit the button "Make Course Live".

This will make the course instant live for users.

That's it!! 🎉 We have been through the step-by-step process of making courses on mental health topics in the WeLinQ app.

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