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How WeLinQ Works for Therapists?

Updated: Apr 19

WeLinQ is an online therapy and support platform that makes it easy for therapists to connect with clients and provide therapy services. Here is a step-by-step guide on how WeLinQ works for therapists:

Setting up the profile: Once a therapist sets up their profile on WeLinQ, they become eligible to get listed on the explore page. Users can narrow their search using different filters on the therapists' explore page to find the right therapist for them.

Manage your availability: Update your availability - take time off if you are going on a vacation or just taking a day off. Find all steps described in detail here:

Finding clients: Users can filter therapists based on focus areas, experience, countries, language, and different accreditations. Once they decide to work with a therapist, they can either drop them a message or book a free 15-minute consultation.

Booking sessions: When a user books a therapy session, both the therapist and the user receive an email confirmation with the session details, including a meeting link for the secure video conference.

Email Confirmation

When a user books a therapy session - therapists and users both receive an email confirmation with the session details. Also, close to the session time both client and therapist receive a mobile notification for their upcoming session.

Joining the session: Therapists can join the session from their laptop or mobile device. On a laptop, simply open the link sent in the email, and it will open another window for the video conference where the client will also join. On a mobile device, follow the steps provided in the email to join the session.

Join the session from your laptop or mobile

Laptop: Just open the link sent in the email for joining the session. It will open another window for the video conference where the client will also join.

Mobile Follow these steps to join the session

Payment setup: Go to your profile page and complete the setup. We partner with Stripe for payment integration.

Payout frequency: WeLinQ does payouts for the last week's sessions every Tuesday.


Who can join WeLinQ as a therapist?

Any licensed mental health professional with relevant experience and credentials can join WeLinQ as a therapist.

How do I apply to become a therapist on WeLinQ?

To apply, you need to install the WeLinQ app and go to the settings. From there, you can press "Become online therapist" and fill up the application form with your details, credentials, experience, and rates.

Is there any cost to join WeLinQ?

No, there is no upfront joining fee or hidden costs to join WeLinQ.

Can I set my own hourly rate on WeLinQ?

Yes, you can choose your hourly rate and change it anytime as per your preference.

Do I need to have a fixed schedule to do therapy sessions on WeLinQ?

No, you can decide when and how many hours you want to counsel, with no minimum time commitment or fixed schedule. You are your own boss.

How do I receive payments on WeLinQ?

After your first paid session, WeLinQ sets up the payment to send the payouts. You will receive an email on how to complete the setup. Payouts are done every Tuesday for the last week's sessions.

What is the platform fee for using WeLinQ?

WeLinQ charges a flat 25% platform fee.

What kind of clients can I expect to work with on WeLinQ?

On WeLinQ, you can expect to work with people in need of therapy, regardless of their age, gender, or background.

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