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Manage your availability for therapy sessions

Updated: Mar 20

Diaries are the most difficult and daunting task for someone in the service industry. We understand that and hence we have built an easy interface to manage therapists' availability for therapy sessions in the WeLinQ app.

For each therapist, the default time is set to 10am to 5pm in their local timezone. But therapists can easily update their availability.

For example,

  • if therapists want to set their working times from 11am to 3pm

  • if therapists want to work Monday-Thursday

  • if therapists want to set to make a particular day off.

These all can be achieved by using the feature Manage your Calendar in the app itself.

Manage Your Calendar

Set Your Working Hours

Once on the Manage Your Calendar Page, you will see the "Working Hours (TimeZone)". Once set, time slots between the working hours will be made available.

You can set your Start Time and End Time of the day. In this example - therapists' available slots will be from 11 am to 4pm only. 5pm is the end time of the working time and hence the last session can only start from 4pm.

Occasional And Recurring Blocks

The section below working hours is for taking some time off from the working hours. For example, if you are not working on weekends or not working on a particular date.


This allows therapists to take out some slots from any day they want. This will not show these slots to clients to book any therapy session at these slot times. These are one-offs that mean only chosen time slots will be taken off from the availability.


if you are busy on 31 October for the slots 11:00 and 12:00, select the date and slots as shown.


This is to take out the days you don't work. You can take some days off or some slots off regularly based on the day of the week. These are recurring which means if you take Saturday - Full Day off, this will take all the following Saturdays off from your availability.


If you choose not to work or take any sessions on Saturday and Sunday, select the day and then click on "Full Day"

Hope it answers your question about managing your availability in WeLinQ App. (iOS App)

Become an Online Therapist On WeLinQ

If you want to apply to become a therapist on the WeLinQ platform, click here.

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