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Product Launch: Therapy Session

With the launch of Therapy Session - our users can book a 1-hour online session with their choice of Therapists. Upon successful booking - the user and therapist will be notified by confirmation email. On the day of the session - you just need to click on the link sent where you will meet your therapist.

Can I invite my partner to the therapy session?

Yes, you can. You can join the session online together or share the meeting link with your partner.

How I can share requirements or requests with my therapist?

After you have booked the session, you can go to the session confirmation page in the app and share a note with your therapist. Your therapist will go through the note and meet your requirements.

Can I cancel my session?

Yes, you can. The session canceled before 48 hours of session time are eligible for a full refund. There is no refund if the session is canceled in the notice of fewer than 48 hours.

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